Members Page

A place to share and learn

This is a private space to encourage collaboration among people trained in Dignity Therapy. The goal is to create a community of professionals who want to connect, compare notes and share findings as they develop Dignity Therapy skills and data.

How you can use this space

  • You are invited to submit questions, either with or without Dignity Therapy transcripts. We can’t guarantee that individual answers will be provided, but we will post responses to questions echoing common concerns.
  • Check this space regularly for the latest news and publications related to Dignity Therapy.

Coming soon:  a standard way to collect and share data
To help everyone share and learn from Dignity Therapy experiences, we will soon post some basic outcome measures. You and colleagues around the world will be invited to contribute to this international data set. Gathering this kind of data is the fastest way for us to collect information and move the practice of Dignity Therapy forward quickly.