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Lavelle H. Nursing Standard (RCN). 2008 Apr 2; 22(30): 26-29. The author reflects on the significant association of dignity with the nursing profession. She claims that dignity could be realized by allowing patients to construct a personal narrative out of their own illness. She likewise states that the approach would allow them to develop their […]

Finset A. Int J Int Care. 2010; 10: 53-56. FREE Patients sometimes report that doctors regard them as a set of symptoms rather than a person. An alternative approach is to communicate with patients on a personal level, with an emphasis on eliciting the patient’s perspective. This research paper focuses on key concepts related to […]

Griffin-Heslin VL. Accid Emergency Nursing. 2005. 13 (4). 251-257. Dignity is a highly abstract, vague concept that is difficult to measure within the context of general nursing. Despite this, it is a central phenomenon to nursing and so it is crucial that health care workers have a clear depiction of dignity. This concept analysis was […]